FPGA Family Enhances Security with Hardware Root-of-Trust Capabilities


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Top View of the MachXO3D Device

Lattice Semiconductor Corporation released the MachXO3D FPGA for securing systems against a variety of threats faced by OEMs. With MachXO3D, OEMs can simplify the implementation of comprehensive, robust and flexible hardware-based security for all system components. MachXO3D FPGA can detect, protect and recover itself and other components from unauthorized firmware access at every stage of a system’s lifecycle i.e. from the point of manufacturing all the way to the system’s end of life.


MachXO3 FPGA devices are the “first-on/last-off” component on circuit boards, when used to implement system control functions. MachXO3D protects entire systems by integrating security and system control functions. MachXO3D retains the flexibility while adding a secure configuration block to deliver the control-oriented FPGA compliant with NIST’s Platform Firmware Resilience specification. The new MachXO3D controls function FPGA that provides 4K and 9K look-up tables for implementing logic that instantly configures at power up from on device flash memory. The MachXO3 features dual on-device configuration memories to enable fail-safe reprogramming of component firmware in the event of compromise.


The additional key features of the MachO3D

  • On-device regulator for single 2.5/3.3-volt power supply operation
  • Support for up to 2700 Kbits of user Flash memory and up to 430 Kbits sysMEM embedded block RAM to provide more flexible design options
  • Up to 383 I/Os, configurable to support LVCMOS 3.3 to 1.0, and designed to integrate into a wide variety of system environments with features such as hot-socketing, default pull-down, input hysteresis, and programmable slew rate
  • Embedded security block that provides pre-verified hardware support for cryptographic functions such as ECC, AES, SHA, PKC and Unique Secure ID
  • Embedded secure configuration engine to ensure only FPGA configurations from a trusted source can be installed

The samples of the new MachXO3 FPGA devices are available at Lattice.

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