New Wireless 'Power-at-a-Distance' Charging System can Charge Your Device within 3 Feet Range

Published  December 28, 2017   0
S Staff
New Wireless 'Power-at-a-Distance' Charging System can Charge Your Device within 3 Feet Range

Wattup enables wireless charging that you can roam with your device in an area of 3 feet.


Charging your device wirelessly is easier to charge with wire and sit with it, San Jose-based startup, Energous, proclaimed on 26, December 2017 that they got the first such FCC certification for “power-at-a-distance” wireless charging system with its “WattUp Mid Field transmitter”. Which is able to charge a device or phone away from it at a maximum distance of three feats.


Now the question is how the system charge a phone from a distance?


The “WattUp Mid Field transmitter” converts electricity into radio frequencies, then that energy is being received by the nearby device with a corresponding receiver. It is different from the already launched wireless charging pads that require physical contact with the device to get charged.


WattUp is able to charge more than one device at the same time, you can connect multiple devices like mobile phones, keyboards, mouse, earbuds, speaker, tablets etc. simultaneously. Its compatible with all the devices and doesn’t depend on the manufacturing company. Like you can able to charge your Nokia smartphone even if the transmitter is manufactured by Samsung or Sony.


Till now the Company Energous have not started the manufacturing as they want to show-off their new technology in CES 2018, going to be held in Las-Vegas on 9th -12th of January, 2018.

Source: Energous