Digi-Key Releases Season 2 of City Digital Video Series with u-blox, Littelfuse and Taoglas

Published  March 29, 2022   0
L Lakshita
Digi-Key's City Digital Video Series Season 2

Digi-Key Electronics has announced the release of Season 2 of its City Digital video series that is sponsored by u-blox, Littelfuse, and Taoglas. This three-part series dives deeper into smart cities, exploring the ways technology is transforming the modern home and finding its way into all aspects of daily life.

The first of three videos in the series, “Welcome to Your Smart Home,” is now live on Digi-Key’s website. The second video, “Beyond the Walls,” will be released in late March and the third video, “Technology at the Foundation,” will go live in April. Each of the videos will feature the latest innovative smart home technology, from appliances to security to EV charging and more.

Robbie Paul, director of IoT business development for Digi-Key Electronics said, “We’re thrilled to continue this video series and explore how smart home technologies are transforming the way we live and work. This series highlights the innovative technology Digi-Key suppliers and customers are using to build homes, improve our daily lives and address the global need for housing, all while keeping sustainability in mind.