Digi-Key Launches Factory Tomorrow Season 2 Video Series

Published  November 1, 2022   0
L Lakshita
Digi-Key Launches Factory Tomorrow Season 2 Video Series

Digi-Key Electronics has released the first episode in Season 2 of its “Factory Tomorrow” video series focused on advancements in automation and control within factories and manufacturing facilities. Sponsored by Siemens, Schneider Electric and Phoenix Contact, the three-episode series will take a closer look at the driving forces behind Industry 4.0, interviewing experts in the field about how artificial intelligence (AI), connectivity and edge computing technologies are shaping the next major leap forward for manufacturing.

The first of three videos in the series, “Seeing Double,” is now live on Digi-Key’s website, and delves into the topic of digital twins, which allow for detailed hardware simulations of incredibly complex operations such as manufacturing processes and entire layouts of future factory floors. The second video, entitled “The Show Must Go On,” will feature visibility through the use of complex sensors and hardware; and the third video, “Thinking Outside the Box,” will showcase the cutting-edge manufacturing solutions of tomorrow.

Eric Halvorson, partnership marketing manager – strategic programs at Digi-Key said, “Over the years, the manufacturing industry has continued to grow and become even smarter and more automated. We’re looking forward to bringing more of these Industry 4.0 technologies to light and showcasing how the industrial automation space is evolving. At Digi-Key, we’re dedicated to ensuring that engineers have access to the automation and control products they need to keep innovating the future of advanced factories.”

Kurt Covine, director of partner sales at Siemens Digital Industries said, “Siemens Digital Twin is addressing supply chain and manufacturing challenges by providing a virtual representation of a physical process or product to simulate, predict, and optimize the product or production system. The digital twin helps manufacturers innovate more efficiently and prepare for the future.”

Poonam Narang, director of motor management application and strategy at Schneider Electric said, “Our goal at Schneider Electric is to be your digital partner for sustainability and efficiency. By leveraging innovative technologies, our customers can gain access to machine performance and energy use data to better understand the health of their operation and make informed maintenance decisions to significantly reduce unplanned downtime. Further, our digital solutions simplify machine design, installation and maintenance, helping to address the real challenges around supply chain constraints and skilled labor shortages facing end user customers today.”

Jack Nehlig, president, Phoenix Contact USA, Inc. said, “At Phoenix Contact, our mission is to provide solutions for electrification, networking and automation so that renewable energy is available to everyone around the world. What makes us unique? We think and act for the long term, and through our passion for innovation, we provide technologies that empower our customers to offer trusted solutions.”