Digi-Key Electronics Enhances Scheme-it Tool with Ultra Librarian Symbol Integration, Custom Symbol Editor, and Mathematics Markup Features

Published  October 27, 2021   0
Digi-Key Electronics Introduces New Features for Scheme-it Tool

Digi-Key Electronics has released new features for its popular Scheme-it tool which is a free online schematics and diagramming solution for engineers, educators and students. The Scheme-it is a cloud-based tool is available to users globally for designing and sharing electronic circuit diagrams and schematics. It includes a comprehensive electronic symbol library and an integrated Digi-Key component catalog that allows for a wide range of circuit designs. In Scheme-it, users can create a Bill of Materials (BOM) and purchase components used in their projects, as well as share projects with others and export to KiCAD, .PNG, .SVG and .PDF file formats.

The new features that were recently released include:

  • Ultra Librarian symbol integration: This feature brings in approximately 2 million of Ultra Librarian’s detailed, visually-appealing symbols and images from Digi-Key’s product catalog.
  • Symbol Editor 2.0: A custom symbol editor that allows users to create new symbols that are not currently included in Scheme-it, offering endless ways to customize designs.
  • Mathematics markup: Powered by LaTeX, users can now properly format and insert mathematical formulas and calculations directly on schematics.

Schematics created in the platform can be shared publicly if desired and become searchable on the Scheme-it homepage, allowing for idea sharing and further innovation.

Cody Walseth, digital product owner at Digi-Key said “These new features significantly increase the number of part-specific symbols available in Scheme-it, allowing engineers, students and teachers around the world to more easily and accurately develop their early design concepts and schematics, while maintaining all of the part information for a BOM export.”