Digi-Key and Tomorrow Lab Join Hands to Launch New Video Series - Potentially Genius

Published  September 23, 2021   0
Potentially Genius Video Series from DIgi-Key and Tomorrow Lab

Digi-Key Electronics and Tomorrow Lab have partnered to launch the "Potentially Genius" video series on YouTube. There will be monthly episodes in which a team of designers and engineers will dedicate 16 hours toward solving an everyday problem, following the four stages of product invention viz. Discovery, ideation, prototyping and presentation. The first episode in the monthly "Potentially Genius" video series is called "Electronic Brake for Inline Skates" which follows the development of a mechanized brake for in-line skates.

Throughout the course of the episode, "Potential Genius", Sean Pheanis brings the idea to the Tomorrow Lab team, explaining the challenge that needs to be solved i.e. the ability to more safely brake while going down hills or dodging obstacles. The team of engineers in four stages of Tomorrow Lab's product invention workflow will develop a remote-controlled brake using components from Digi-Key, documenting the process along the way. The first episode in the series is available on Digi-Key's website and on Digi-Key's YouTube channel.