Automotive ECU Virtualization Solution Platform Enables Secure Integration of Multiple Applications for Zone ECU

Published  April 26, 2022   0
Automotive ECU Virtualization Platform

Renesas Electronics Corporation has announced the release of an integrated automotive ECU Virtualization Platform that enables designers to integrate multiple applications into a single ECU that are safely and securely separated from each other to avoid interference. This platform provides a ready-to-use demonstrator environment comprising pre-configured embedded software, tools, and an interactive demonstrator environment for RH850/U2x MCUs, allowing automotive customers to explore design choices for the development of their individual Zone-ECU projects.

This ECU virtualization solution platform combines Renesas’ RH850/U2x MCUs together with ETAS’ RTA-HVR software. The RH850/U2x MCUs including RH850/U2A and RH850/U2B delivers a cost-efficient and high-performance solution for next-generation Zone-/Integration-ECUs due to a rich set of embedded hardware that realizes the integration of multiple ASIL D-compliant software partitions. These MCUs are specifically designed for Zone-applications targeting reduced ECU component count with minimal re-engineering overhead.

ETAS’ RTA-HVR software works with the hardware virtualization features of the Renesas RH850U2x MCUs to provide one or more virtual machines (VMs). VMs are separated from each other in both space (using the RH850U2x memory protection unit and guard features) and time (using the RTA-HVR VM scheduler) to meet strict automotive safety and security requirements.