Arduino Releases the Oplà IoT Kit Based on the MKR WiFi 1010 Arduino Board to Build Custom IoT Devices


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Oplà IoT Kit Based on MKR WiFi 1010 Arduino Board

IoT is a revolutionary technology that is fast changing the way we live, work, and study. There are a lot many tech enthusiasts who are trying their hands at building custom IoT devices. Arduino, the leading IoT development platform has come up with the open programmable IoT platform to enable users to build custom IoT devices that too with full control over personal data.

Dubbed, Oplà, it is the entry-level IoT Kit that comes with a set of 8 self-assemble projects ready to show you how to easily turn everyday devices into smart devices. The Arduino Oplà IoT Kit enables users to manage and control connected devices from multiple interfaces like Oplà hardware device, custom web dashboards, and the iOS/Android mobile app. 

4 out-of-the-box projects are ready to deploy around the house viz. remote controlled lights, a home weather station, a smart garden, and thermostat control. The other 4 projects enable users to grasp core IoT concepts and learn how they can be integrated into real-life applications like a home security alarm, solar system tracker, remote messaging, and inventory management. This can be monitored and controlled via the Arduino IoT Cloud.

The Oplà IoT Kit is ideal for beginners and is also a valuable resource for experienced users. It is based on the Oplà unit, which is a carrier board with an OLED color display, on-board sensors (temperature, humidity, pressure, IMU, light), capacitive touch buttons, buzzer, color LEDs, 24V relays, and SD card reader.

The carrier comprises a slot for a battery with an integrated battery charger that makes the device portable and wireless. The kit also contains an MKR WiFi 1010 board and a round plastic enclosure, and two more external sensors, such as a motion sensor and moisture sensor. The swappable MKR WiFi 1010 board will enable users to choose another connectivity method by plugging another board from the MKR family to switch to GSM, LoRa, NarrowBand, or more.

Arduino Explore IoT Kit

The Oplà IoT Kit acts as the physical interface of the Arduino IoT Cloud and it enables users to build dashboards and plot data in real-time while browsing values along a timeline. Everything is easily controllable from mobile with the Arduino IoT Remote app. Compatibility with Amazon Alexa enables seamless voice control to integrate custom connected devices into a real-life setting.

Other than Arduino Oplà IoT Kit, the Arduino Explore IoT Kit that features 10 step-by-step online education activities is released too. The Explore Kit is designed to help high school and college students by helping them learn IoT by adopting a learning-by-doing approach, through the likes of inventive experiments and challenges, and building purposeful applications. 

Arduino Oplà IoT Kit wears a price tag of $114.00 (tax not included). The kit comes with a 12 months subscription to the Arduino Create MKR Plan, with premium access to the Arduino IoT Cloud.      


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