Advanced XGO-Mini Quadruped Robot with AI Modules Interacts with its Surroundings using Voice and Image Recognition

Published  August 31, 2021   0
XGO-Mini Quadruped Robot with AI Modules

XGO-Mini from Luwu, a STEM education technology company is a 12 DOF, omnidirectional quadruped robot that can interact with its surroundings using voice, image recognition, and tracking. This advanced programmable, open-source robot has 12 degrees of freedom based on inverse kinematics. It can easily act, walk, and react like a dog and is capable of movement on uneven terrain and extremely rough surfaces.

The XGO-Mini can be programmed using the ROS (robot operating system) and Python AI system. It comes as an assembled kit and a one-button design for easy design. With the Edge Computing Chip, AI can run on local systems and can be controlled without the internet and mobile. Also, there is an app included with the bot to let you easily control it.

Equipped with a 9-axis IMU, the joint position sensor and electric current sensor enables the quadruped robot to reflect its posture and joint rotation angle and torque that are used for algorithms verification and exploitation. Designed for education, research, algorithm verification, and entertainment, the robot can be programmed by computer to alert poison words and python programming.

It features fully functional AI modules that can facilitate both entry- and advanced-level AI applications.  The Al modules feature visual recognition, voice recognition, and gesture recognition, giving XGO-Mini the ability to hear, recognize and reply to users like a real dog. Besides, it can also track multiple colors, recognize QR codes, and remind you to put your mask on. The unique bionic system enables XGO-Mini to perform dynamic movements.