40 Gbps DPDT Switch for Power and Size Reduction in High-Speed Differential Switching Applications


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Menlo Micro's MM5600 40 Gbps DPDT Switch

Menlo Micro has released a 40 Gbps double-pole/double-throw (DPDT) MM5600 switch for high-speed differential switching applications. Based on the company’s market-proven ideal switch technology, the new switch offers high-speed operation from DC to 20 GHz or 40 Gbps thereby significantly outperforming conventional electromechanical (EM) relays and solid-state switches.

The MM5600 switch outperforms electromechanical relays and solid-state switches with 99% power reduction and greater than 90% size reduction. Its flexible configuration enables internal differential crossover capabilities that help in simplifying board routing. The switch provides a differential switching solution for high-speed digital applications based on the latest PCI Express standard, PCIe Gen 5 that doubles interconnect speeds over the PCIe 4.0 specification (32 Gigatransfers per second versus 16 GT/s). Besides, the switch can also be configured for single-ended operation for RF and microwave applications.

The MM5600 DPDT switch has been designed to meet the increasing performance demands of today’s high-speed digital and RF device interface board applications. The combined switching speed, size, power efficiency, reliability, and versatility of the new MM5600 switch operating at up to 40 gigabits per second is unmatched when compared to the existing EM relay or solid-state switches available in the market. The samples of MM5600 DPDT differential switch are currently available and customers can get all the pricing information and samples by contacting Menlo Micro sales representative.

Notable Features of MM5600 Switch

Fast switching: The MM5600’s ultra-fast switching speed (< 10 µs operation time and < 2 µs release time) is 1000x faster than EM relays, enabling reduced test time and cost-to-test.

Reliable solution: The MM5600 provides unmatched reliability and can operate with more than three billion switching cycles, resulting in reduced downtime, maintenance, and cost and a 1000x longer lifetime compared to conventional EM relays.

Compact design: The MM5600’s small-footprint/low-profile 64 mm2 design in an 8 mm x 8 mm x 1.6mm QFN package provides a 90 percent reduction in size over conventional EM relay solutions. This significant volume reduction enables more parallel tests and easier top and/or bottom routing.

Power-efficient: The MM5600 operates at less than 0.08 mW, a 99 percent reduction in power consumption compared to EM relays, making it the most energy-efficient high-speed DPDT switching solution available.

Differential modes: The MM5600’s integrated driver offers two modes of operation and can be controlled through a serial or parallel interface to drive the switch’s high-voltage gate lines.

ESD protection: The MM5600 is designed with full electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection on all input/output ports.

Leading IP3 linearity: The MM5600 achieves IP3 linearity of more than +90 dBm with a power handling capability of +33 dBm, enabling large reductions in distortion and delivering up to a 10,000x improvement over existing EM relays and solid-state switches. IP3 is the figure of merit in determining how much distortion a switch will introduce into a system, impacting the quality of transmitted or received signals.

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