What is voltage mode and current mode in SMPS ICs?

Submitted by Pefey on Sun, 01/26/2020 - 19:32

Hey guys, I am trying to select an SMPS controller IC for my project. I can see two types of ICs here, one is voltage mode and the other is the current mode. Can someone please explain the difference between these types.

Also, practically which one is used where? 

Many thanks 

This is the regulating condition that is used to control the output.
A voltage mode controller control or regulate the output voltage that is useful for specific types of application that requires controlled regulated voltage.

Where as current mode regulators regulate current that is used for specific types of loads that requires regulating current. In such loads, current drift may impact the application.

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What is the load and spec of your smps?

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In voltage mode control, the actual output voltage is compared to the desired output voltage and the error difference is used to adjust the pwm duty cycle to control the voltage across the inductor.But in Current mode control, the error between the desired and actual output voltages to control the peak current through the inductor.

The advantages of Voltage mode are, simple design, cheap and easy voltage measurement technique.But the current mode control gives faster response as compared to voltage mode control.So it depends on your load specifications which one is best suited for your application.Hope it helps!!!

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