RC snubber circuit for SCR

Submitted by Jyothi on Sun, 10/28/2018 - 14:56

Hello sir,
You shown circuit of Snubber circuit there you have used TYN612. But is it possible to use TYN616 in place of that. Any modifications need to be done in the circuit if we used TYN 616.
Please reply sir we are doing that as a LAB experiment so we need to show the use of snubber circuit.

Yes, you can use TYN616 in place of TYN612 without any modification in the circuit. Here, in the name of Thyristor TYN612, ‘6’ indicates the value of Repetitive peak off-state voltage, VDRM and VRRM is 600 V and ‘12’ indicates the value of On-state RMS current, which is 12 A in case of TYN612. So, when you use TYN616, the On-state RMS current will be increased to 16A.

Further it depends on your application, what current and voltage rating you need, and also refer datasheet of TYN616 for proper understanding.

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