Power Path Controller system using LTC4412

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in said video, is that capacitor used to supply power while input is switching????

Please attach the link for the video so that we can able to solve your quries. Thank you

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The capacitor is used to compensate for the small-time factor voltage drop during switching. This will decrease ripple or spikes in that time.

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LTC's LTC4412 controls an external P-channel MOSFET to create a near ideal diode function for power switch-over or for load sharing. This permits highly efficient OR-ing of multiple power sources for extended battery life and low self-heating. When conducting, the voltage drop across the MOSFET is typically 20 mV.

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There are many situations when our circuit design has two power sources such as an adapter and a battery or it can even be two other power supplies from two different outlets. The requirement of the application can be something like it should always need to remain ON during power failures by using and additional power source that is available. For example, a circuit that is powered using an adapter needs to switch to a battery or an auxiliary power supply without interrupting the operation of the circuit in the event of a power failure.

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