How to power up repurposed LEDs

Submitted by Rachel on Sun, 08/18/2019 - 14:16

Hello! I would like to power the LEDs repurposed from a monitor. This cord is what powers them but I don't know how to power them direct and bypass the board (I'm a complete newbie) and it would be even better if I could use a battery bit that's optional. Thankyou :) IMG-20190818-183426 IMG-20190818-183314 IMG-20190818-183300 IMG20190818181406 IMG20190818180742 15661178340996953487893259299095

can you elaborate more. and where is led and what do you want to do. please explain in details. 

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Thursday at 02:04 PM

marry roser


Hey i am also not able to understand . please explain it properly. so that i can give you exact answere.

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