How to Design a Variable Voltage Regulator Circuit?

Hi, I want to make a regulated power supply circuit for my project. I also want to vary that regulated ouptut as per requirement. I have a 12V, 1ampere center tapped transformer. Will you provide a circuit diagram for the same.


I tried your circuit and after spending some time I am successfully getting the variable regulated output now. Thank you John for your reply.

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Friday at 06:22 PM

Hi Naveen, I am also trying to build a small adjustable power supply for powering my future electronics projects. But I do not understand how you used that circuit.

I am also having a center tapped transformer that is rated as 12-0-12 with 1A output current. In the circuit  diagram given by john there are only two wires coming out of the transformer whereas mine has three. 

Please tell me how to connect these three wires according to the circuit diagram?

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Tuesday at 07:57 AM