Core losses in the inductor

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Core losses in the inductor
January 21, 2019 - 2:39pm

Hello everyone

We use steinmetz equation to find the corelosses. I have four coils from different suppliers and I want to know core losses in each coil. Problem is that there is no information in the data sheet about the core materials and no flux density, frequency and power graphs are given as the suppliers do not want to share this information and keeps this as secret secret. Without this information I cannot use steinmetz equation. The dimensions of the inductor, inductor and temperature rise vs current graphs are given.

How can I find the corelosses in this situation, Is there any other alternative way?


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Hi I am John. Core loss is the loss that occurs in a magnetic core due to alternating magnetization, which is the sum of the hysteresis loss and the eddy current loss. I think in this scenario you just have to convince the suppliers for your required information to fulfil the steinmetz equation. Thank You.