Bridge Rectifier Fried?

I connected a "KBPC5010 Silicon Bridge Rectifier Diode 50A 1000V" to an output of 110VAC at 25KHz with a 1500 Watt load and Rectifier fried in less then 5 sec. Diode was mounted on a large heat sink and didn't even get warm before it fried.  Is it because this bridge can't switch 25KHz at this wattage.  Would draw about 14 Amps which is much less then 50 Amp rating.


Even though the current is the main source of fired up component but in your case as it only draw 14 amps which is much less than rating current 50amps so the only reason left is the frequency of input source which is 25kHz but diode is design to much lower frequency that is why he got fired up.

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Wednesday at 10:18 AM

check on the frequency rating of the diode that you are using on the manufacturer's datasheet.  it might be high hence causing  the trouble

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Friday at 08:43 AM