AC Power adapter

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AC Power adapter
October 26, 2019 - 1:13am

Hi all,

The AC power adapter of my piano broke, it is an old Yamaha piano so I'm having a hard time finding a replacement. I really don't know much about electronics so please bear with me.

This is what reads on the back of the original adapter:

Input AC 120V 60Hz 13W

Output DC 10V 700mA

I've been looking for universal adapters but I cannot really find anything of 10V, or even the 700mA, I've found a lot of universal adapters but you can only adjust from 9V to 12V and they are typically on the 1200mA range. 

Would I be ok to buy one of those universal adapters? I welcome any suggestions.

Thanks very much in advance.






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10V adapters are rare to find
October 26, 2019 - 1:16pm

Hi Andres, 

It will be hard to find a 10V adapter since it is not a standard voltage. Check with the device manufacturer if other voltage levels can be used. Normally pianos will not be very voltage sensitive. So you can buy that universal adapter set it to 9V and try powring your piano, it should work

And for the current rating, your minimum required current is 700mA. You can use any adapter that says more than 700mA so 1200mA is also a good fit 

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Alternatively known as an ac
November 12, 2019 - 10:40am

Alternatively known as an ac/dc adapter, ac converter or charger,an ac adapter is an external power supply used with devices that  run on batteries or have no other power source .AC adapter help reduce the size of a laptop computer by alliviating the need for the statanderd size power supply .As shown in the image ac adapter is made up of a central unit which draws power from ac outlet.It then converts the power to DC that is by the computer and a second cord that plug into the computer.

AC adapterEach AC adapter has a specific power rating, measured in volts or watts that it can handle and output to an electronic device. Because the power rating and type of plug on the end is not universal the AC adapter can only be used with devices with the same requirements and connector.