3V to 5V DC DC Converter

Hello guys, 

i am a beginner, i just want to know how to build a 3V to 5V dc dc converter.

Also, what is the difference between dc regulator and dc dc converter (chopper)?


You can Google the same and you will find a lot of circuit diagrams for 3 to 5V DC-DC converter. If you are already following a schematic and you are facing any problem in that, please share the exact problem with details of your schematics

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Tuesday at 11:12 PM

Easiest solution is to buy a 3-5v volt boost converter module, its very cheap around INR 150.

Otherwise there are many ICs available for that purpose. One of the popular IC is MC34063, which has capability to output  maximum of 40v and1.5A current. Input voltage can be in between 3v-40v. Output voltage is adjustable depending upon the external components used in circuit. 

Also you didn't mention the current requirement of your circuit.

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