12v 5amps power supply circuit

How to make a 12v 5amps circuit?

Sir how to make a 12v dc 5amps smps circuit pls diagram send me

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What is your load specification, without knowing the targeted application it is impossible to provide you 12V 5A smps design guidelines.

What is the input rating?
What is the environment you will use the SMPS?
What type of protection circuit is required for the SMPS?
Load regulation?

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Please share your load requirements and application objective so that we can propose the best possible solution.

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marry roser


This Single output 12 V / 5A power supply provides power for equipment that requires a large energy. It is built around a voltage regulator like the LM338 and capable of providing voltages between 12V and 15 V.

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The proposed 12V, 5 amp smps battery charger circuit employs a fly back converter topology which results in the required smps based high current, compact, mains isolated converter design. Here, the a high power mosfet becomes the main switching component and is used for triggering the ferrite primary winding with the set high frequency mains rectified Dc. When switched ON, the 470k resistor charges the mosfet gate into conduction and initiates the switching action. The above action induces a voltage across the auxiliary winding of the transformer which results in a feedback voltage to the mosfet gate via the 2n2/100V capacitor forcing the mosfet to conduct even harder.

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