RFID Hitag S 256 Technology for Racing Pigeon Timing device

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RFID Hitag S 256 Technology for Racing Pigeon Timing device
March 14, 2018 - 4:51pm

I need the following development in South Africa.

  • 600 X 700mm multiple coil Antenna to be used in the club where the pigeons are placed in the race baskets with the following procedure;
    • The fancier will arrive at the club with his birds in his own Fiberglass or wooden carrier, which he will place on a table fitted with the antenna on top.
    • The antenna will then read all the birds in the basket in a shortest possible time, sending the information to the read-wright device which in turn will write a secret number back to each Hitag S 256 RFID transponder fitted to each racers leg.
    • Upon completion, the birds will be transferred to the race basket on the truck by allowing them to walk into the race-basket, without any control from the fancier.
  • The read-write device (Reader) will be fitted with a GPS connected to an external aerial and must be able to send data to an external server via GSM or ethernet with the assistance of an ADSL Wifi or cable connection.
  • 200 X 300 mm double or Quad triple coil Antenna for the loft must be able to read all the data ( data on transponder as well as GPS time stamp) on the Transponder upon arrival at the loft and send the information to a similar reader as described above situated at the loft. As some lofts have multiple entrances by which the arriving racers can enter the loft; the reader must be able to accommodate multiple antennas (up to 15) connected in parallel.

Needless to say that the Antenna and reader might be a combined unit

  • This information will then be sent to a fixed IP server (the same as above)
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 Nice Idea Koot VanderWalt,

But I can see too much automation in the project. Like giving an ID to the pigeon can be made manually. Also Since each pigeon is fitted with a GPS module, they themselves will have unique ID hence the use of RFID can be avoided. Have you designed the GPS for pigeons? Because it will be heavy for them I guess.

So eager to see how this project builds up!! Have you started working on any?