inbuilt audio amplifier for VEENA, an South Indian music instrument

Submitted by kvsmoorthy on Sat, 11/19/2016 - 05:17

I am a listener of classical carnatic music. My wife is a Veena artist for the past several years. 

They use a pick up (scientifically to say transducer) for amplification of sound of the instrument.  It is generally made with magnet. Sometimes, a lot of disturbance is felt with noncombat with the audio systems arranged by the programme organisers.

Recently we got a pick up from Germany, which has no magnet.  But it is very costliest.

I am not having any electronics knowledge. However, I feel I can understand and do little works related to electronics.

I want, a non-magnetic pick up with a mini speaker with volume control, which can be attached  to the Veena, for audio amplification.

Can anybody suggest me?