Circuit to detect a person approaching a kiosk.

Submitted by Dean Fox on Wed, 05/24/2017 - 15:57

Hi - I'm an absolute newbie - apologies if I have mis-posted or this is in the wrong place!!

I need to be build an IR circuit (if that is the best option) to detect when a user approaches a kiosk - as we want to change what appears on the kiosk screen when a person comes to use it (which will primarily be indoors). Consequently, I will need to take the output from the circuit and make it available to our processor - we currently have the option to use Android, Linux or Windows - and therefore assume I would need the appropriate drivers.

If anyone can provide me with some feedback or point me in the right direction for hardware and software, I would be very grateful.

Many thanks


What do you mean by "our processor" is that a computer running on windows or something else?

YES, your idea is very much feasible. You can do this by just using Arduino. The information can be sent to the processor (assuming it to be a computer) through a serial communication link. Then can be processed as you wish.…

This project has used an IR sensor with Arduino you can use it as reference. Anything else feel free to ask!!


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