Regarding micro coreless motor driver board

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Regarding micro coreless motor driver board
February 20, 2017 - 9:05am

I am having 4 micro coreless motor of length 15mm and width 6mm and shaft hole .8mm. I am planning to make a mini quadcopter using these motors. I am using Arduino pro mini as controller and Lipo battery

So is there any driver board or any other method to run all 4 motors at once with full throttle.

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Hi Bharath,

Its is a good idea of making a mini quad copter with arduino mini. The motor you are talking about is the core less motor which are already being used in quad copters. These motors operate at 3.7V itself so there is no need of using an external driver. We simply need to drive these motors using pwm and an external mosfet. 

You can get the circuit diagram for doing the same from here:

​Reach out to us if you get stuck somewhere