incorrect program of line follower robot at your website?

i just saw program of line follower robot at your website link is here to post…

as clear from the circuit 4 bit output is going from MC to the motor driver and the table that is used to write hex from binary gives hex codes as below

0x0A to move both motors forward

0x08 to turn robot right

0x02 to turn it left

0x00 to stop


but in program you wrote 

0x06 to move it forward 

0x82 to move it left(how it could be possible to provide 8 bit output using 4 data lines ? as clear from schematic 4 data lines are going to motor driver 

0x14 to move right

0x00 stop

if this program is correct then please explain me how you genrated this hex code ? how it is possible to use 8  bit in 4 bit mode?