Code for 8051 microcontroller reading data from serial port

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Code for 8051 microcontroller reading data from serial port
March 26, 2016 - 12:17am

Hello everyone,

I have recently started working on 8051 microcontrollers and I need C language code for receiving some data from serial port. Can you please provide me the code a little explanation? 

thank you in advance



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Hello, Please I want to start programming with the 8051, Please sir, How can i start?

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Hi Clement.


We are glad to help you out. It would have been easy for us to guide you if you have mentioned your educational background. Assuming you are a newbie, the following things can be followed to get started with Micro controllers (8051).

1. Get a decent book that teaches you programming and Microcontroller concepts

2. A decent development board to try out your programs in hardware

3. A computer with internet access.


First read this fat book called 8051 microcontroller by Majidi. It will give you everything you need. Your concepts about microcontroller will be cleared and you will know how things work and what is coding.

Then grab that datasheet.Understand the particulars of the 8051. Admire its beauty. Read through the terms. If you don't understand the terms, surf the meaning on internet. Understand and admire their meanings. Read about their applications. Now its time for buying a development board for a start. You might fail or get stuck in lot of places. But not to worry, you can use our Forums and we will be there to help you out. 

Limitation of 8051 is lack of ADC which one has to interface and it takes time. (There are versions of 8051 with ADC, one is from Silicon Labs).
For advance work you can move to Arduino which has everything especially analogous read.
And yes AVR is inside arduino.