Single-Board Computer (SBC) with at least 4 UART interfaces with board length and breadth less than 6cm X 6cm

Hi, I am looking for Single-Board Computers (SBC) that has at least 4 UART interfaces and board length and breadth less than 6cm X 6cm. Is there any of such SBC out there?


There are many microcontrollers (SBC) with 4 uarts. But I am not sure why you need in 6x6 cm. The Arduino mega is a good choice if you need four hardware serial ports. But the board size is bigger, so you have to use the ATMEGA2560 IC on you own PCB.

Also there are very less cases where you will need 4 hardware serial UART. Check out Arduino software serial this will allow you to use serial protocal on normal GPIO pins. MAny people use this as it comes in handy and cheap 

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Tuesday at 12:29 AM

Thanks for replying to my post. I am trying to source for this SBC/SBM as my team is planning to make the product as potable as possible.

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If your team is good with hardware then used the ATMEGA2560 Microcontroller, it had four hardware USART. The IC is availabe in SMD format and hence you can design it on a compact PCB as per your requirment.

If your team is good with programming then you can use the technique called software seiral and make the GPIO pins work as USART ports. In this case you can use ready made hardware like Arduino pro mini 

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ELB-REV4 has 4 UART and i am using in my projects you can infact customise it as well.

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Libre Computer ALL-H3-CC Tritium boards have 4 UARTs (3 with flow control) but one of them is a system console interface so you have to turn off the console.

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