Popular IoT Products or Applications

Submitted by Ashutosh on Mon, 09/10/2018 - 17:09

We have been hearing a lot about IoT and its futuristic applications, and there are tons of new start-ups based on IoT but why don't we see any IoT applications which became popular in masses? Could anyone share any such IoT based products which became popular among people? Have you bought any such product?

Changes have already started and is slowly getting visible, you only have to look closely to notice it.

Just compare the number of internet connected device in your home are workplace has it not exponentially increased, your mobile, laptop, smart watch everything has internet now. TV, refrigerators are also slowly having access to internet 

I am not sure about India but many foreign countries have started adopting smart farming and healthcare systems. Self driving cars are also becoming a promising futuristic thing.

Well I have purchased much but I do have smart lamp which can be controlled over the internet 

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Tuesday at 03:45 PM

I completely agree with you @Jayant, there are a lot of buzz and futuristic product ideas on IoT but I asked this question as I am preparing a PPT on Internet of Things and just wanted to use few examples of some remarkable IoT products. 

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Monday at 04:18 PM

If you are looking for application of IoT in industrial sector then try looking for Industry 4.0

If you looking for application of Iot on consumer side then your fitness watch, Amazon Echo, Google Home, Dojo, Samsung Family hub are few of the things you should look for 

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Tuesday at 12:29 AM

Yes I did a research on internet and found that a lot of innovative products like smart watch, smart door locks, Amazon Echo etc are a good examples of Ineternet of Things. Thanks!

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Monday at 04:18 PM

Which of these products are using >Cat-M1 chipset? I've understand it can be used in small modems, do you know what else?

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Thursday at 02:55 PM

As your words that there are a lot of IoT based applications in the market, made by some startups and as well as other large scale IoT companies. In one of my Projects, I've used a smart product by SSLA, named EFB-IoT,which has various functionalities i.e., bluetooth, WiFi as well as online support is also available for using this product from company side. I would like to recommend you to try this product in your projects.

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