Cheapest alternative for ESP8266 / Cheap Wifi Module

Hi I am planning to design a home automation device. It is just a simple LED lamp that can be turned on or off from the internet. I am looking for the cheapest possible way to build it.

I have used ESP8266 and nodemcu previously, but these IC's from espressif look very costly to me. I do not want any SPI or I2C on the wifi module. I only need 1 GPIO pin with wifi ability. If possible a low power one will be nice. 

So what are my options here other than ESP. Or do you know any cheap version/part number in ESP?

Kindly help me out


Did you consider using the ESP-01 module? it cost less than 2 dollars here in india.

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Monday at 10:02 PM

Hey I am also in india only, I can rather use ESP8266EX IC directly on my PCB it is just 99Rs, but still is there anything cheaper than this? may be a chinese knockoff? 

For my application ESP8266 is still an overkill, because it has spi i2c etc.. I just need something with one gpio pin and wi-fi capability

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Tuesday at 07:57 AM

You are in india right, to try the ESP8285EX, i bought quite a few of thos for less than RS55, from chandni chowk market kolkata

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Monday at 10:02 PM

Hi, from which shop near chandni chowk market kolkata I can buy ESP8285?

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