BLE device not recognized by ESP32 scanning BLEScan procedure

Submitted by Gabriele on Thu, 03/18/2021 - 17:02

Hi all,

first a whole congratulation for all the interesting project posted on this site. In the last few days I was studing a quite old but interesting article from Aswinth Raj

What I'm struggling with is the fact that if I have several BLE Device in the range, only some of them are "discovered" during the BLEScan procedure while some other are not detected at all....

I tried to used the "nRF Connect" app to verify if the reason may have been related to an issue on the device side but I noted that within the app, the device is properly recognized.....this means that the device is "advertising" itself properly....

Any idea about how I can debug this ? where I could start my investigation ?

thanks in advance.

Gabriele (Italy)