Yamaha CLP 120 - why cannot change voice setting (piano, guitar etc)

Submitted by Philip on Sat, 11/27/2021 - 16:43

On switching it on, the voice will go to the organ setting. I can't change it to other settings when I press the respective buttons.

I will be opening up the piano to fix a broken key. So I would also like to see what can I check and fix the above problem. 

What are the top 2 common causes of "stuck" electronic settings?

Many thanks.


Broken key is defanitly something you should be looking for, but while you are there also make sure that there is no dust or anything else preventing the key from working freely. 

Other problems might include a failed GPIO pin or pull down resistor or damaged PCB neither of which you can repair in home 

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Monday at 04:18 PM

A. Removed the top but cannot remove the key cover to have access to the keys. Found the broken key head. Cannot fix it till I can remove the key cover and that key.

B. On cannot change the voice selection, after some vacuuming and brush cleaning on the ICB, managed to see some life, able to change the selection now, but not all and it reverted back to the stuck selection later. What else can I do to get a better fix?


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