Wiring 3 - 3v bicycle lights into one battery pack and switch?

Submitted by Alex on Tue, 07/14/2020 - 07:44

Simple question from dad with no knowledge lol. I’m customizing my sons bike and picked up some crappy bicycle lights from the dollar store. Each one requires 3v (two AA batteries). What size battery pack would I need to run all three lights from? Planning on adding a switch to make it seem cooler. I know it’s basic in a group like this but I’m eager to learn and apply to new projects

Led Lights with 3V rating requires 3V batteries.

If you connect in parallel, the voltage requirement is same but the current requirement will increase.

Thus choose a 3V battery and use any switch that suits for your bicycle. Just remember to use a larger 3V battery and connect 3 LEDs in parallel.

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Thank you! I remember touching on this in school but couldn't remember which one was which. Thank you again!

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