Which is best free electronics simulation software for students?

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Which is best free electronics simulation software for students?
August 17, 2018 - 12:06pm

Hi people,

I am a Sophomore and would like to know the best circuit simulation software that is available for free or open-source for students. I will be working on few basic designs involving the Motorola 68HC11 microcontroller and few analog IC's and Power switches who's part number I have not concluded yet.

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Hi kid, 

Looks like you are trying to simulate projects related to embedded systems. In that case I would strongly recommend the ISIS Proteus Software from Labcenter. The Demonstration pack is free and can be downloaded from here


I remember simulating the Motorola 68HC11 MCU with older versions of Proteus and belive it is still available with the newer versions as well. Although keep in mind that the demonstration software has some limitations 

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No doubt Proteus is a very good and useful software, but using the Demonstation pack is really a pain. 

The reason is it has some limitations like you cannot save your works and you cannot export the circuit diagram. So you have to start fresh everytime you re-open your software.

The best free alternative that would suggest is Multisim circuit design software from ni. The good point here is it is fully free as long as you are a student. The download link is given below 

Circuit Design Suite Educational Edition