what is this this resistor value?

Submitted by Duane on Wed, 04/24/2019 - 08:18

Probably a dumb question, but I can't figure out this resistor value:

black red grey silver gold (and some red on the cap)

There's a black bar in the first location, which is apparently something that never happens, and yet there it is. There's a red cap on other end. I'm guessing that the black band is just filling space and the red is something unrelated. Does that make it 5.18 ohms?


Defanitly not a dumb question, it sure does looks confusing.

Did you find other similar resistors like this? May be the band got printed by mistake. I think it is a 5 band resistor and not a 6 band resistor. That red colour should have been printed by mistake. But anyway the way to go from here is to use a multimeter to check the value of the resistor it sure wont be accuracte but should give us an idea from where we can calculate the value. I am assuming the resistor is not burnt or damaged 

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Tuesday at 03:25 PM

Actually, it is damaged (the other side is burned). I tried to measure the resistance, but I'm getting nothing. A friend wanted me to replace on a circuit board based on the off-chance that it was the source of the problem.

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Wednesday at 08:15 AM