What is the difference between transceiver and transponder?

Submitted by Varun on Thu, 09/13/2018 - 12:09

I was making a RFID project and i was checking about the RFID tag, which contains a microchip of transponder.

I don't know how a transponder works. Please let me know for the same..

and also how it is different from transceiver? ... what are application of these two...........


Both the term Transceiver and Transponder has totally a different meaning and function.

Transceiver: The meaning is hidden inside the word itself. Transmitter + Receiver = Transceiver. Meaning, a transceiver is a device  which consists of both transmitter and receiver circuitry. BLE modules, nRF, Lora etc are good examples of transceivers

Transponder: A transponder on the other hand can only either transmit data or receive data and not both. Most commonly transponders are small devices with unique ID code and an antenna with minimum circuitry.  433MHz transmitter, RFID tags etc are examples of transponders.


Now you should be clear with the meaning of RFID transponder chip a.k.a RFID tags. These devices can only transmit data and cannot receive any 

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Thank you for explaining it so well. I had been confused over these terms for a while now

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