seeking clarification on prepaid energy meter project

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i want to complete my final year project on prepaid energy meter project based on gsm and arduino and i wacthed your video on youtube including the link on the description for tutorial for the project but what i want know is the full connection of the circuit diagram including the types of materials used, how many of each material used and a close range photo of the full physical diagram connection because there are some added materials on the practical circuit than on the circuit shcematics given,which is not clear to see from the photo provided. so if any one has full file inculding the full circuit connection of the project please send me or reply to me

it's not possible for us to completely redo the project, so if you can be a little specific about the problems you are getting, that would be very useful.


when I went through the project I saw there is a clean circuit diagram in the Circuit Description Section.


After that, in the How to Connect Energy Meter with Arduino: Section, there are two images. one showing the connection, to the submeter itself another showing the connection to the optocoupler,


the two purple wires coming from two LEDs go to the optocoupler. for convenience, the wire is connected with the TWO LEDs. as the LEDs in the board have a common terminal. 

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