security camera wired IP set up as wireless

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security camera wired IP set up as wireless
April 1, 2021 - 10:01pm

I have a Sony IPELA camera SNC-VM601 which I would like to set up as a wireless camera to be able to view on my pc and cell phone.  I do not want o have to run a lot of cables etc Is this possible?   What would I need and how would I connect them? I m using windows 10   Thanks    

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WiFi router is required. Connect it to the local wireless router.

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Using IP cameras with Wireless Access Points for viewing on WiFi enabled devices.
Step 1: Set IP address on your security camera. ...
Step 2: Connect the AP to your network. ...
Step 3: Login to the AP. ...
Step 4: Change default password. ...
Step 5: Configure WiFi radio in Access Point mode.