Ryobi string trimmer mod

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Ryobi string trimmer mod
April 12, 2020 - 8:02pm

So my Ryobi string trimmer got wet last year and hasn't worked since. The battery still charges and tests good. I believe the problem to be the speed control board in the trimmer so my question is:  Can I remove it and put a switch in line or would this cause the battery to dump to fast and over heat?  

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Van you provide the picture(s) of the internal circuit by complely disassembled the whole thing?

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The Ryobi string trimmer is designed for one market in mind - the homeowner. Since small engines can be notoriously hard to start, Ryobi features a built-in battery powered electric start. The battery is recharged using a wall outlet. Of course, no professional lawn maintenance man ( or woman) would be caught dead with an electric start trimmer, but hey! This was designed for the homeowner,

Model RY28020 is a basic homeowner curved shaft trimmer, with a low emission 2 stroke engine. The eye-catching Ryobi colors and styling come standard. The ZipStart carburetor helps to start the engine with fewer pulls.

Model RY28040 has the identical engine as the model RY 28020, but has a straight shaft instead of the curved.Maybe you are the type of person that demands a 4 stroke engine on his or her trimmer. The thought of mixing oil with the gas is just too much to bear.

The Ryobi Model RY29550 has the “Touchstart” electric start feature, which cranks the low emission 30cc 2 cycle engine. A standard pull rope starter is included, just in need a back up plan is needed to start the engine.

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Post the figure of the internal circuit