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I am working on a main board from a Bauhn t.v. and it has this strange looking Ribbon Connector of the type I have never seen before. It is part metal. I just don't know how to free the cable? I am used to flipping up and releasing a black plastic strip at the front, and the cable slides out, but not on this beauty! I would be grateful if anyone could advise on different types of connectors. I just can't figure out how to release the ribbon. I think it's meant to be more secure than the normal type. I also think it's a video ribbon cable. It seems to be gripped by metal 'teeth'
The board is the one below. I have just typed it in for anyone who can help, to look at, and found that when I google it, the ones that come up don't have the connector I wanted to show!!
So I am now stuck to give the example. If I could put my own picture on this site that would help. But I would send a picture to anyone who thinks they may be able to advise, if I have an email address to send it to.
B16033236 T.MS6488E.U801 LSC480FN07 Main PCB for Bauhn B48-63UHDF-0516
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This problem has now been sorted,

Many thanks.

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Please share how you solved the problem so others get benefits from this post.

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