Replacement of SMD Electrolytic Capacitor on an ASUS Laptop Motherboard

Submitted by Dennis on Sun, 08/23/2020 - 22:32

Hello and thankyou in advance for any assistance you may be able to offer. As a new poster I hope I have included this in the correct section.

At the very final stage of stripping down an ASUS K56CA laptop I managed to dislodge a SMD capacitor located right next to the fan and heatsink (I know - what an idiot). Unfortunately, rather than simply snapping off and leaving both connectors attached it seems to have taken off the copper base with one of the legs. I have attached some pictures of the board and the capacitor for reference.

What I am seeking help to understand is:

1. Can I replace the capacitor by also re-attaching the copper base? If so, any tips on how, or should I just find a professional to do the job?

2. If I am fortunate enough to be able to do the above myself, how do I ensure that the capcitor is connected to the circuit rail correctly.

3. Despite a significant amount of searching I have not been able to decipher the specifications of the capacitor from the markings on the top, other than the obvious voltage. The markings are M28T 15 25v. I have included a picture of a nearby capacitor to show this clearly.

4. If I am not fortunate, what are the chances the laptop can be operated safely/effectively without this capacitor. My basic assumption is that all components are essential (but just possibly some more than others). In the absence of a circuit diagram is it reasonably safe to assume that close proximity to the fan and heatsink suggests this capacitor is connected to their effective operation?

It has been many years since I have needed to replace any parts on a circuit board but I am up for the challenge if it means I can get this laptop functioning again for my son.

Some attached pictures would be very useful to understand the board condition, you can use the IMAGE button to attach one.

Annotation 2020-07-20 123447.jpg

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Monday at 10:02 PM

Thanks for the reply. I used that button to post a few pictures with the original post but I read on one earlier post that pictures require an admin approval of some sort before appearing. Is this correct? I will search the forum for further information but if there is something more I need to do please let me know.

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Sunday at 05:29 PM

1. Yes or no... depends on your skill, available equipment, and confidence.

2. You need a working multimeter. 

3. This is a tantalum capacitor with a 15uF 25V rating. M28T is the manufacturing code.

4. if nothing gets shorted by peeled copper trace, I think the laptop will work properly. Chances 70%.


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Monday at 02:11 PM

Many thanks for your reply. I appreciate it is difficult to say much more without the aid of pictures (see reply above) and any knowledge of skill level.

Unless the repair needs specialist equipment beyond a basic soldering kit and multimeter I think I have enough prior experience of soldering to tackle the job. In reality I probably have just enough skill and confidence to be dangerous. I would appreaciate further comment once pictures are available if you would be so kind.

Thankyou for the info on the capacitor. I suspected it would be a very easy answer for someone more knowledgeable. Now I can at least try to source a replacement part.


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Sunday at 05:29 PM

I used that button to add a few pictures to the original post, but I read somewhere else that pictures require some sort of admin approval before they appear. Is this accurate? I'll look through the forum for more information, but if there's anything else I should know about, please let me know.

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Obtaining a replacement ASUS laptop motherboard is not the same as going to a computer parts supplier like Newegg, CDW, etc. They have exact replacements or replacements of the same class (e.g., by chipset, graphics, etc.) for desktops. This is not normally the case with laptop motherboards which remain with the builder contracted by ASUS.

The initial problem would be able to acquire the replacement ASUS laptop motherboard. It would probably be a salvaged, or used, one having the same ASUS part number. Start with known suppliers but the shopping will most likely be on eBay, online computer parts shops, etc.

Cost is not the only factor but the ability to make the replacement. Removing a replacement laptop motherboard is a bit more complicated than that for a desktop. Parts that need to be replaced and re-used on the replacement motherboard are more delicate and prone to breaking. Miniature screws easily get lost and misplaced. One really needs the right tools.

The alternative to replacing a laptop motherboard is to have an authorized dealer do the job. But this makes the project more expensive, perhaps making it worthwhile to just replace the laptop. From experience, I can swap a desktop motherboard in about 30 minutes. It has taken me 3 to 4 hours of brow-sweating work to replace a laptop motherboard.

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