Reading 2m ohms

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Hi there 

Brand new here. 
I'm retired now and dabble in different hobbies and recently decided to try my hand at building an am/fm radio kit. 
Come to find out it recommends an oscilloscope as well as a signal generator (what's that anyway?)  

Just looking at the posts on this forum I see I have nowhere near the electronics background a lot of you do. 
I was an aircraft electrical repairman in the Air Force during Viet Nam. Worked primarily on F4 Phantoms. And a Huey now and then. 
Anyay... I've started building this oscilloscope kit and checking the resistance on the resistors before soldering them in. 
On the one resistor that is supposed to be 2m ohms   I'm showing open. Well maybe it is. 
There is  a 1.8 m resistor in the kit and it's reading 1.8. 
I've ordered a couple replacement 2 m's so when they arrive I'll see what I get but meanwhile curious if because my meter only goes to 2m if maybe that's the reason.  
I guess I'll know more when they arrive 


2m and 2M are completly different.

2m ohm resistor is actually - 0.002 Ohms

2M ohms resistor is - 2000000 Ohms.

Which one you are reffering?

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Monday at 02:11 PM

2000000 .

Just picked up another multimeter and it showed 2.2 M rather than open.  
Thanks for the reply!

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