Push Button automation

Submitted by setofdraws on Fri, 08/13/2021 - 12:46

Hello, apologies if i have posted in the wrong thread  but i need some help.. I managed to dismantle a plush toy (with moving parts) which i am going to incorporate in my project. The only problem is that it has a push button so in order to activate the cycle (moving arms) you have to push the button and after a few seconds it stops. If you push the button before it stops it stops. As such, there appears to be some sort of microcontroller which stops the cycle. I'm a newbie to all this electronic stuff but is there another way to incorporate another switch where the cycle continues without the need to push the switch again?

Any advice would be appreciated 

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Friday at 12:42 PM

It is quite difficult to tell, however , could you share the main circuit board image?

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Monday at 02:11 PM