Protection from Electronic Assault

Submitted by Romen on Thu, 07/25/2019 - 22:45

Hi, a spoiled, pampered, sheltered rich kid moved into the apartment under mine and started complaining about everything I did. Management sat with him hour after hour, day after day and told him that everything he was complaining about was normal and that I was quieter than most. One day a man goes into the kids apt and follows me from room to room bang doors and cabnets, then tells the kid that he will "run me out". He oganized most of the neighbors against me. To make a long story short they are now burning me with some device and attacking me with something I they called a "magnetic field", it shocks me out of sleep when I lie down. I saw a video about the US Millitary's "Active Denial System" which is a Humvey with a big low frequency microwave dish capable of burning anyone in its path up to 300 yards. Is there any way to protect myself from these devices. Is anyone here familiar with these devices.

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Hi Romen,

Your Topic has been overruled since it involves violance.

Using electronics or related technology to create harm is strictly aginst law, kindly contact the police for legal actions.

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