No Pi, no Arduino. Can this circuit be done?

Noob here.

I want to design a control circuit that will turn on four 12 volt bulbs lets say.  The circuit is controlled by a single momentary switch (On-OFF-ON).  One press of the switch up, turns on bulb 1.  Press it up again, now bulbs 1 and 2 are on.  Press up again, bulbs 1,2 & 3 are on.  You get the idea.  Once all 4 are on, pressing up does nothing.

Pressing down on the switch will turn off bulbs one at a time.  Once all are off, pressing down does nothing.


Can this be done with 12 volt automotive style relays, or latching relays, diodes, etc ?  What would the schematic look like?  Is this even possible?

I know this would be easy for an arduino or such design but I would like to keep it old school if possible.

Yes this can be done without microcontroller.
You need logic gate ICs and probably flip-flops too.

Serch for logic gates and build the logic using gates. Its just like a brain game. Its interesting.

After getting the logic, convert those using respective gate ics.

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