Need Help repairing my Audio interface

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Need Help repairing my Audio interface
July 29, 2020 - 10:37am

Hi there, 

              I have an audio interface (UAD apollo twin mkii). Unfortunately I over heated it while working.  

First time:-  I put cloth on it while it was running and left the room. When I came back and touched the body (which is made of alominuim i guess) was hot like an iron. Anyhow i turned it off immediately and later started it and apprently it started working but, I noticed some degradation in audio quality. 

I want to repair it myself. I think may be something went wrong with opamps or resistors got burned or something? Any suggesstions please. 

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It is unusual that the op-amps or resistors gates burned.

It is highly possible that the capacitors are degraded. It is advisable to check the device with professional one.