Submitted by EagleFox on Thu, 12/30/2021 - 06:22

Hello all,

I have been designing a circuit with a certain asian country best lest nameless.

After a year and a half of the slowest, most unresponsive, unporffesional episode of my life, I could not take it any longer and decided to cut my losses.

I am suppose to get the database soon, the Gerber, Bom, ect., I am forced to reproduce what I've designed so far.

My question is this regarding flashing the APROM  on the N76E003AT20...On the PCB, I see 5 pins used to flash the firmware. marked as follows....ICPDA-ICPCK-RST-GND-5V....because I've already reverse engineered the board, I can determine that, ICPDA is connected to pin#8  and ICPCK is connected to pin#18, RST is connected to pin#4.....

Because they are being difficult, but I still have to test the firmware can someone provide me with the basics of what I would need to flash the APROM and how specifically?

I am waiting on a NuLink progmmer, but have just recived a USB to UART's module in case I needed it as well. The file will be in a HEX format, is there anything else an inteligent person may make sure they get?

If it's important I can share details about the board, but I don't think that's critical for the help I am seeking unless it is requiered to aid in determining some facts.\