mosfet testing with a mutimeter

Total newbe here, I know nothing. I watched a youtube video about testing a mosfet with a multimeter…

I did this and it did not work for me. I am testing a 2N7000 171 mosfet channel N.

with my meter set to diode mode and my black negative lead set to source and my red positive lead set to drain I get a reading of "1" on my meter.

If I put the black lead on drain and the red lead on source my meter reads 634

touching the gate with my red probe then reconnecting my red probe to source my meter reads 615

Nothing is happening like I see in the youtube video

Please advise

Thank you






Hie john, thank you for posting a comment. i would like to know that what u are trying to with mosfet? and what do u want to check if mosfet is dead or shorted and defective? or do u have other questions regardign how mosfet works? 


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