Low Voltage Induction Module - power by battery

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Hi all,

I'm a complete novice when it comes to electronics.


I'd like to power the following with a battery rather than a DC power supply: 

ZVS Driver Module 5V-12V ZVS Low Voltage Induction Heating Board+Heating Coil



Can somebody help me with what components would be needed to do this safely?

Would I need something to regulate the amount of current that is drawn from the battery?

A 12V 5A power supply is recommended for the application I'm using the module for.


Thank you






The maximum power shown is 120W when 12V induction heating is required. Well, this is such a huge current. You can use lithium battery 18650 Cells. It supports 10C discharge current. Which means a 3.7V 2000mAH battery would support discharge current of 20A. In such a case, the battery will be completly drained within 6 minute.

So, adding 4 cells of 18650 will provide voltage from 14.8V - 16.8V with 2000mAH rating (Typically). You need a switching regulator that supports 12A (To be in safe side) of current draw that would provide 12V constant voltage from 14.8V-16.8V input voltage.

The battery spec and battery type can be different depending on the backup time and charging facility you have for your apllication(s).

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Monday at 02:11 PM

Hi Sourav

Thank you for the reply. I've since learned that many other people have built what I am trying to build, and it seems that they use 3 X 3.7V 18650 Cells with a BMS. The heater is only use for 30 seconds at a time.


Would you advise using a switching regulator as well as a BMS?


Thank you

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I highly doubt BMS of 18650 support continuous current of 12A. Use a proper switching regulator for current draw. For Charging may be the BMS will do the job.

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