LED set up for 1/12th scale model display

I am currently making a scaled model display that uses 16 LED in a series and I would like to wire it up to be on one switch, so I need a single power supply to connect them to. I have various different colors that I would like to use in the display. I have 6 red LED (2.0v), 6 white LED (3.2v), and 4 yellow (2.0v) so a total of 36 volts. I would like to know what resistor or resistors I need to use for my power supply which is 48v (it is the closest I could find to 36v). Please provide me with any insight that could help this process as I have been tinkering with it for about a week with only burn marks on my table to show for it (when I added the wrong resistor types).  I have tried to set it up in a parallel circuit also but that did not work, or again I did not have the right resistors for it to work.  

Thank you for anyone's quick reply.