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I will try to reach that out!

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A few years ago, my husband and I went to rest in Adler by train. We went there in a full car. But back, which is strange, almost empty. We traveled by fast train, which made only four or five stops to our city. We boarded the train in the evening and arrived at noon.
She shrugged again.
“I don’t think they know what kind of daughter they have.
We said hello, she asked about work and about the hospital and in general what news we have, then the conversation continued on the street. When I asked how she ended up in our area, knowing that she lives in another city, she replied that she came to her friends, but since the only train arrives early, she will have to walk until five o'clock, and then it was still only eleven!
Well, the next phantom is simple, and it is for everyone, Victor said, getting up. Down with all the clothes!
Do you want to see what treasure he left in me?
By the way, this should be taken into account.
Here is a bitch! - I slapped her in the ass, but she fell agrees, the slap turned out to be blurred: deaf, finger tips.
We laughed. I said that I caught myself staring at your well this ... Pussy? She shouted with laughter. YES!

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